new beginnings. again.

Once again, I find myself in a new city. Last month Boston seemed not only foreign to me, but a million miles away, and certainly no place I’d ever call home. I have this (in my opinion wonderful) ability to call wherever I am “home.” For example, I’ll call my mom and say “I’m coming home” which means I’m coming back to Louisville, my original home. Or I’ll tell my dad at the end of a trip that “I’m home” meaning Chapel Hill, or wherever else I might be living at that particular time… But for right now, for at least the next two years while I’m working on a Master’s in Teaching ESL at Simmons College, Boston is my “home sweet home.” I also enjoy being everywhere I am.  There’s no place I’d rather be than right where I am. Example: I was in New York City visiting some friends last Saturday and couldn’t help but think “gosh, I moved to the wrong city! I don’t want to leave NYC.” But sure enough, as soon as I stepped off the train at Boston’s Back Bay station I felt glad to be home. I settle in quickly. So here I am, as settled as I’ve ever been, and looking forward to exploring my new city.

I’ve wanted to start writing for awhile now, about travel and food and little weekend adventures. And finally, with a little encouragement from supportive, loyal friends, I’ve been inspired to take a little time and share my adventures, opinions and critiques with the world. What makes me different from everyone else who wants to write about food, travel, etc? Nothing. Read my blog if you want, or don’t. I will write anyway. It makes me happy.

There’s so much to discover up here in the North East! So much unexplored territory. I’m not just talking about the big cities and small towns that are so easily accessible from Boston by train, I’m talking about the plethora of unexplored restaurants and bars and bowling alleys and shops within Boston! And I’m lucky enough to be embarking on this journey with my best friend and love, Frank. A little about him: He’s just landed the opportunity of a lifetime working with a brand new hedge fund type thing here in Boston (hence my decision to relocate). He’s incredibly smart and I’m forever grateful to him for the knowledge he’s given me about the stock market, and money management in general.  Frank is more people’s best friend than anyone else I know. He’ll have a huge network of friends here before we know it. People love him, plain and simple.  He has a love affair going on with Charleston, his college-town, so Boston’s got something to prove. Boston may be lacking the glorious weather, the beach, the close proximity to UNC Chapel Hill sporting events and the notoriously beautiful girls of Charleston, but I have no doubt that this area has much more to offer than any true, loyal southerner is willing to admit.

We’re both from the South, and proud of that. I was born and raised in Louisville Kentucky, then moved to Georgia for school, then South Carolina followed by North Carolina. Frank was raised in Chapel Hill, and spent most of his time between North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida. We’ve covered the South Eastern part of the country, now its time for something new.

I’ve been in Boston for exactly one week, today.  I’m getting a feel for my part of the city, the South End, which 10 years ago was a little rough, but today is transitioning into a Mecca of small restaurants and unique boutiques. Not the cookie cutter shops and restaurants of the Back Bay. Frank’s en route from Chapel Hill as I write. He’ll arrive late tonight.  Let the exploring begin!



1 thought on “new beginnings. again.

  1. Hi babycakes…Awesome. I love your first installment and can’t wait for the next one.
    Love you

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