Who’s Bad?

Wow, what a weekend?! I feel like I’ve accomplished so much in such a short amount of time, like some kind of superhuman : ) I found a job AND an apartment, unloaded Frank’s Pod and got his apartment mostly set up and organized. And after all of that, there was still time to watch the Dawgs kick some Chanticleer tail, Carolina beat down on Virginia, and make it to the Who’s Bad show at the House of Blues in Fenway.

So, first things first. I landed a part-time job teaching ESL at a small Language and Cultural immersion center in Cambridge. I started on Friday. Yep, that’s right, I’m diggin’ right in. Figured it would be good supplemental experience and exposure to what I’m working on in school. The center is unorganized so I’m considering ways to subtly manipulate the people there in order to bring some method to their madness…

I also signed a lease on Friday for a 1 bedroom apartment a few blocks away from Frank. SOOO glad to have that apartment search finished and out of the way. I really don’t like realtors. They’re so full of it.  The apartment’s really cute: exposed brick walls, new kitchen and bathroom, in-unit laundry. What more could a girl as for!? I met the owners, a real sweet and friendly couple who loved my accent. I move in October 1st. Stayin with Frank until then, in which time I hope to have him completely unpacked and organized. It’s up to me to do this. This is his third move since we’ve been together and I know from experience that he will live among boxes if I don’t encourage him to unpack (and by that I mean unpack for him). So anyway, between the two of us we have three bedrooms and a futon, so anyone who wants to come visit (well, not anyone) there’s ample space! Do it soon though because it’s about to get really freakin’ cold and miserable. Oh, by the way. Remember when I said someone told me it would get cold “tomorrow”? Well, it did.  It’s cold, like 50 degrees and windy. I know I’m being a baby but I’m hoping it’s unseasonably cold, or there’s a cold front, or a huge storm coming, anything but winter approaching… I did just invest in an ankle length North Face Parka (so fashionable) so I think I’m prepared. Besides being a bit chilly, it’s been beautiful, so I can’t complain too much. Yet.

Frank’s Pod arrived on Saturday morning and we got straight to unpacking. I don’t mean to brag or anything but I don’t know WHAT that man would do without me! : ) I’m so dang efficient. Everything went in without a hitch for the first 45 minutes, until it came time to move the couch. The man upstairs informed us that he doubted the couch would fit because of the door angles, but allowed us to haul it up his outside flight of stairs, down the inner flight, around the corner and into Frank’s apartment. By “us,” I mean the two Mexican movers Frank hired. Thank god for that! As they were finagling it into Frank’s apartment, we came to the realization that there wasn’t a chance in hell the massive couch would fit. So out came the hand saw and off came the hefty wooden legs of the old Seaside Cottage couch…. Ahh, it just about broke my heart, but the alternative was to trash it. Not an option. After the legs came off, the couch “slipped easily” through the hallway and down the small spiral staircase into Frank’s downstairs living room.. Don’t you wish you’d been around for that endeavor?

Okay, enough with the boring stuff. We finished 15 minutes before Georgia v. Coastal Carolina’s kickoff and I rushed down the street to Clery’s (the official UGA Alumni-Boston Chapter pub meet-place place) to find not a single familiar face, but nonetheless, a lot of people in red and black. All I wanted was to watch with some fellow dawgs who would cheer when I cheered. I’d been in NYC last weekend for the game, watching at the Pour House with about 200 of my closest UGA fans and friends. Clery’s was just a little bit less rowdy than the Pour House. Sarcasm is hard to gauge through text, but I’m being very sarcastic. Clery’s was totally tame. But we still kicked the sh*t out of the Chanticleers, which for those of you who don’t know your bird mascots, a “Chanticleer” is a rooster. But not just ANY ol’ rooster. A rooter famous because of the Canterbury Tales. It’s one of those mascots like a Wyvern, one you have to explain to everyone. But at least a Wyvern (a mythical dragon, duh!) is fierce and cool. A Chanticleer, not fierce or cool.

P.S. Frank showed up at Clery’s in his red Nike skater shoes, which he had to dig through boxes to find. Greatly appreciate the support and team spirit! Thanks, love .

Later that night Frank and I headed to the Pour House in Fenway to catch the Who’s Bad show. You have to be TOTALLY out of the loop to not’ve heard of this phenomenal show. Who’s Bad is the “Ultimate Michael Jackson Experience,” and I’m serious when I say that during their shows, you can almost really truly convince yourself that you’re watching the King in action. Really, they’re awesome. There are two Michaels who rotate every few songs. One even rocks the jerry curl. They hail from good ol’ Chapel Hill North Carolina, which makes them even more phenomenal. Frank’s buddy is the sax player, so he hooked us up with “All Access” passes. This made me feel really special. We had so much fun! Have I mentioned I LOVE to dance?  I tried to upload a video but it’s a $59/year subscription so thats not gonna happen until i start makin a lot of money.. Gimme some time…. But here’s their website: http://www.whosbadmusic.com/

I did post some photos of Boston and Frank’s cute apartment. Check ‘em out.



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  1. Glad you are settling in well. Love your posts! Keep ’em coming 🙂

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