Summertime in Bean town.

I’m getting a lot of negativity about Boston from someone in particular who won’t stop thinking, talking and dreaming about moving back to Charleston. Every defense I make, there’s an argument. Here’s an excerpt of just two of many recent conversations:

downer – Wouldn’t it be nice to be just minutes away from hopping on a boat. Just one call and it’ll be docked, stocked and ready to ride within minutes…

me – you could bring your boat here….

downer – Ha! Yeah but it’d cost a fortune just to dock it. Plus the Charles river is nasty.


downer – (after looking at the weather on his hone) uggh, it’s 80 degrees and sunny in Charleston.

me –  it’s 75 and sunny here!

downer – yeah but we’re not minutes away from the beach like we would be in Charleston…

me – we can go to the beach. Ipswitch is less than an hour away.. you wanna go to the beach?

downer – no, the water is so cold here you can’t even get in without a wetsuit….

Yeah, that’s what I deal with daily..

So I decided to compile a post of a few nice photos from the last coupla days in Boston. And these are JUST in the Garden and the Common. Imagine how many wonderful things are happening all around Boston, if these are just from the park.

Baby ducklings

There are so many lil’ babes waddling around the Public Garden. Can’t help but smile when you see em all followin’ momma. There’s also a roped off area near the water where two Swans have decided to lay their eggs. They’re currently sitting on them, keeping ’em warm and incubated. I’ll have to check tomorrow to see if they’ve hatched. I have absolutely no idea how long it takes swan babies to hatch….

Memorial Day flags

This picture doesn’t begin to show the magnitude or the emotion of the 33,000 flags placed in Boston Common, representing every fallen Mass soldier from the Civil War til now. It was really a beautiful sight.

And these vibrant flowers! Nothing makes me happier than flowers. There’s this one block by my house where an old man has taken it upon himself to furnish every house-front with big beautiful flowers and budding trees. This same man once told me I was a nice girl for stopping and talking to old people because old people get lonely… : ( Next time I see him I’m going to commend him on his green thumb.

These ↑ remind me of huge Dandelions right before they get blown away by the wind.

Okay, so I know what you’re thinking: Charleston and every other city has nice Memorial Day tributes, blooming flowers and baby duckling in the Spring. But where else could you happen upon a friendly game of Quiddich while walking through the park? This is my second recent encounter with the Quiddich players, and I doubt it’ll be my last. In case anyone is wondering, the “snitch” is played by a guy in an all gold spandex full-body suit, who bikes around the park while the Seeker on both teams chase him on foot…..


Happy Summer! Enjoy…. wherever you are.



1 thought on “Summertime in Bean town.

  1. Kathleen Sutherland May 31, 2012 — 10:33 am

    I can’t wait to come in August and see just how lovely this city is!

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