I’m baaaaack

It’s been awhile. I’m sorry. I know everyone’s been on their toes waiting for the next post; anxiously checking their inbox each time they receive an email, hoping it’s a notification that seminomadic has new words and adventures to share. I’ve gotten exactly one inquiry about whether or not I will return to the blog (that’s what cousins are for – thanks Sara!), and the answer is yes. Recent events have left me uninspired. It’s curious how changes in your life can either leave you with an inspiration that cannot be squelched, or leave you with no inspiration at all. I was left with the latter, but “I’m rested and I’m ready to begin”…. again, as the Avett Brothers say. I have all kinds of plans and adventures coming up in the near future, and a whole new type of energy to bring to those adventures.

**So, for anyone who’d rather not know what I’m up to and who I’m up to it with, here’s your chance to unsubscribe**

Quick update: I went home for a few days over Christmas, where I spent some good quality time with my folks and old friends, made some interesting new friends, and met my brother’s girlfriend, a delightful, intelligent, beautiful breath of fresh air.

Yulia and Patt

I flew back to Boston for one night before driving up to Killington VT for New Years Eve, where I stayed with my dear friend Jenifer and 12 others who I’d never met.

new friends

It was freezing, but it’s hard to complain about a place so beautiful. Our cabin, Tranquility Base II and the surrounding area could best be described as a winter wonderland. Cliché I know, but sometimes clichés do the job as adequately as any original words.


We spent more time in the tub than on the slopes
Who needs a fridge?

This trip to Killington was my first time back on the slopes since a 2008 trip to Park City, and before that, annual trips to Aspen when I was a wee girl. Skiing is not quite like riding a bike, as the knowledge and ability doesn’t automatically come back with the click of boots into skis, but I enjoyed picking it back up. I’m a bit wearier these days of the severity and consequences of getting injured, however, I found that a leisurely trip down the mountain can really clear the mind.


New Years Eve

1st of January, back to Boston and back to school and work. This is my last semester of grad school, and my last few months of student teaching. Where will I go when I’m finished, you might ask? Hmm… I wonder..? Your guess is as good as mine. I’ve considered moving to Paris, but it’s proven difficult to find a job there since they’d rather hire someone who doesn’t need visa sponsoring, and being a “native speaker of English” clumps me in a large category of Brits who don’t need that sponsorship…. Saudi Arabia pays qualified teachers really well, but I prefer to live in a place where I can show my hair, wear shorts, share a beach with men, and drink. I’ve also considered relocation within the states: Nashville (I’d be closer to home…), Austin, somewhere in California…  (following minorities is essential for my job). I should take an online poll and wherever the majority say I should move, I’d move. That’d be interesting! Except the majority of the 10 people who read this are my family, who would probably vote I move back to Louisville, which isn’t that exciting to me right now…  But I will say that Boston is a real nice place. I’ve got all kinds of great friends here (I’m showing pictures to prove it)….




……the pool of smart, eligible men is vast, the job market ain’t bad, and the weather is delightful!

I mean, who wouldn’t love walking 15 minutes to and from the subway in 5 degree (“feels like -12) weather?


Yeah, I might just stick around until some other place (or someone) calls my name. 2+ years in one place! That’s a record for me since my 2005.

The most wonderful trip is unfolding for the summer, by the way. I’m giddy with excitement. Stay tuned.

Arrivederci for now, but not for long!



6 thoughts on “I’m baaaaack

  1. Oh my God. You’re back and better than ever😘

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. She’s baaaaaack!!!! LOVE IT!!! Do your thaaang xoxox

  3. Yay! Your back!!

  4. You know, I hate-read a lot of blogs but I really truly enjoy yours! Glad you’re back.

    And for the record here are my votes: Louisville-no (SORRY), Austin-YES, California-duh, yes, Paris-oh my lord YES.

    1. hah! Thanks Nora. See ya in a few weeks : )

  5. I still love the italy plan… Wine & cooking classes 🙂 was excited to see you’re back to blogging !! Gehehehe

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